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Segway Route

The route of each Segway tour is compiled by us very carefully, anywhere in the Netherlands. To ensure that we are you and your company during the tour can show you the most beautiful spots in the city, we go by yourself first in the city chosen. We go carefully looking for the highlights, but also to the hidden spots. In this way we can be well prepared on the road and take you most of the tour.


Sometimes there are several possible routes in a city. When you let a tour tailored by us, we will be the first options through you. So you know in advance what the possibilities are and we can choose the route along which best suits the needs of you and your company. That is so obvious! Of course it can happen that arise unexpectedly traffic disruption on the day of the tour. We will have to change the route.


Segway Events Safety is of paramount importance. So we always choose a safe route and stick to the traffic rules. Along the way, we avoid as much as possible large bumps and poor road surfaces.

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