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Segway information

Who are we

Segway Events is the party for Segway tours in size. Segway Events offer tours tailored to include in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp Hague, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Would you like a Segway touring a different city? On request, we bring the Segways with guide towards you. Segway Events makes a tour tailored for each group.

The tour

An experienced guide will take you, after a brief instruction, note pad. Your tours along the must sees of a city on a special transport. No bridge is too high and not too long quay. A unique experience for groups, tourists and for you!

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a unique means of transport that lets you create with ease and pleasure of kilometers without striving for it. Find your balance and become one with the environment. With a Segway sightseeing is dynamic and relaxed through the city.

A Segway is an electric, self-balancing single vehicle. You control the Segway with your body. By leaning forward, the Segway forward and by leaning backwards ride the Segway back. He stops when you stand upright. Finding the right balance is difficult because the Segway’s self-balancing. It’s a little skiing on dry land but simple.

The number of Segway’s

The Segway’s Segway Events Segway stand in Rotterdam Rotterdam. Together we have over 40 Segway available. We also work closely with Segway Leiden, Segway Nijmegen and Segway Den Haag. At all locations are another 10 Segway’s what we can use.

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