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Safety comes first:
  • You will always be accompanied by an experienced, well-trained guide.
  • Max. speed is 25 km per hour. Our Segways have been limited and won’t exceed 20 km per hour.
  • The Segways are well-maintained.
Instructions for participants:
  • Min. age: 16
  • You must wear a helmet (available at Segway Events)
  • Make sure you wear good shoes. No heels, no flip-flops.
The following traffic rules for Segways apply to public roads:

Min. age

Minimum age is 16 years old. Traffic rules for a moped apply to the Segway as well.

Cycle path

Segways are allowed on cycle paths. If no cycle path is available, you may use the roadway.

Max. speed;

Max. speed is 25 km per hour. Our Segways won’t exceed 20km per hour.


A Segway driver should be insured in conformity with the Act liability insurance for motor vehicles
All our Segways have a third-party insurance.


In the dark, when evening is falling and during the day when visibility is poor a Segway driver must use his front- and rear light. Your Segway must have reflectors. All Segways of Segway Events are fitted with proper lighting.


In general, a Segway driver doesn’t have to wear a helmet. A Segway driver joining a segway tour must however wear a helmet, as extra safety.

Driving license;

A driving license is not required.

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